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If you need medical assistance, you will be unable to get it here.

“Content” refers to anything on the Med Mesh website. This includes material posted on the Site by Med Mesh or its third-party licensors. Med Mesh makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of the material on this Site. People who read or listen to it are not provided medical advice or assistance. If you have any concerns regarding your health, you should always see a qualified physician. Always seek medical advice from a doctor who is licensed to do so. Don’t toss this out, regardless of what you read on Med Mesh.

If you have a medical emergency, contact your doctor or 911 immediately. The Website does not support or approve of any of the material, nor does it make any recommendations or endorsements. Website personnel, persons who appear on the Site at the request of Med Mesh, or other users should not be utilized in place of consulting with a health care practitioner.

As part of their constitutional right to custody, a parent has the right to keep their children at home.We believe it is critical to preserve children’s privacy. Therefore, this Website is not appropriate for children under 13. We do not retain any personal information about kids for their protection.

The Material’s Application:

Everything on this Website is protected by copyright in the United States and other countries. Therefore you may not use it for any purpose. In addition, you must provide attribution to Med Mesh LLC and other copyright and property notices, such as those included on the Content, if you use the Content for personal, non-commercial purposes. Med Mesh specifies how you must use particular software or other items in these terms and conditions.

Med Mesh or its partners own all of the information on the Site. Use the information on this Website in any illegal manner. Consequently, doing so may be unlawful, which might get you in hot water. Med Mesh reserves the right to modify or discontinue any service or Content. You do not have the right to utilize all of the rights that Med Mesh and its licensors currently have under this contract. Many aspects of this Website are protected by a US patent number 6,585,516.

If you violate these rules, you will be unable to see the material. If you violate this policy, you must immediately destroy all copies of the Content.

Med Mesh employees are required to observe the law.

You may use the Med Mesh platform and its information in any manner you choose, but it is entirely up to you.

When you provide Med Mesh your personal information, Med Mesh and its suppliers have no control over how that information is used. Med Mesh is not liable for any data or information you lose while using the Site. Med Mesh

Many people rely on the material on Med Mesh “as is.” Additional to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third-party rights, and fitness for a particular purpose, the Website, and its licensors and suppliers make no other assurances. These are their only assurances. Med Mesh or its licensors or suppliers will not make any further commitments. It makes no assurances or representations concerning the following in this case:

The Med Mesh Site and Med Mesh make no guarantees that its information, software, links, or communications are accurate or up to date. These are not assurances made by the Med Mesh website or its parent business, Med Mesh.com.

Any software tools used on Med Mesh must be authorized by the government or fulfill a set of standards before being utilized. In addition, the public must have access to prescription medicine product information.

There is no responsibility for any form of harm, including but not limited to physical injury or death, lost income, and damages caused by lost data or interruption, even if the use of service caused the loss. Med Mesh, its licensors, or any other third party appearing on the Med Mesh Site make no promises concerning these damages. You may only pay up to $1,000 if you cause more than $1000 in harm to Med Mesh’s licensors, suppliers, or other third parties who appear on the Med Mesh Site. Med Mesh employees and anyone else who appears on the Med Mesh Site are not responsible for any injury or death caused by your use or misuse of the Med Mesh Site (as defined below). You may make any claims regarding how you utilized the Site, the material, or the public parts of the Site during this period. There are just a few options when you’re limited in your options.

Observations on what other people do and share.

Med Mesh’s Privacy Policy is responsible for safeguarding the information you provide to Med Mesh. If there is a conflict between this Agreement and Med Mesh’s Privacy Policy, this Agreement shall take precedence.

Other users of the Site may contribute or submit Content and other data, such as comments and photographs. They may also write comments, ask questions, and provide feedback of any type (collectively referred to as “User Content” on the Site). People may share their material with the globe using social media and branded hashtags such as “Facebook,” “Twitter,” “Instagram,” and “Pinterest.” People refer to them as social media platforms due to this (collectively “Social Media Platforms”). There is no need to post anything that infringes the rights of others on the internet, so don’t. You agree to these terms and conditions each time you publish anything.

Furthermore, any other restrictions that apply to your postings in public places or on social media apply to your posts. For example, when you write a post, you must adhere to our Review Guidelines. Med Mesh reserves the right to delete User Content if we believe it violates our Terms and Conditions or other criteria, such as our Review Guidelines, or if we do not like it. You acknowledge that any interactions or user content you submit in the Public Areas and Social Media Platforms will not be private or secret if you utilize them. Med Mesh has no control over or authority over the rules and regulations of any social networking site. Read the platform’s terms of service, regulations, and privacy policy before using it.

To safeguard the rights of others, you agree not to provide or communicate any content to Med Mesh through email or any other form that violates the rights of others (including through the email addresses indicated on the “Contact Us” page). No ideas, thoughts, or innovations will be kept hidden if you send an email to Med Mesh, so don’t send one.

Without paying any costs or royalties, you grant Med Mesh an instant, permanent, and irrevocable right and license to use and copy any User Content or intellectual property you post or upload to a Public Area or a Social Media Platform or provide to Med Mesh through email. Med Mesh may also provide this right and license to others. Sublicenses to utilize Med Mesh’s intellectual property may be obtained in various ways. For example, share your business proposals or innovations in public, such as on social media, rather than email them to Med Mesh. Also, could you not give them to anybody else? It is not always feasible to respond to every email that arrives.

People who wish to demonstrate their abilities have sent video and audio files.

If you post anything on the Med Mesh website or social media, you are not infringing on the intellectual property rights of others. This one includes trademarks and copyrights, privacy, and other rights, among other things. Like this one, most photos of celebrities and cartoon characters are normally protected by copyright.

Respectfully, you promise not to include personal information about yourself or others in whatever you contribute (such as a name, phone number, email address, or URL to a web page). It is also illegal to post images or videos of other persons without their consent.

You claim your behaviors are OK if you post on social media or visit the Med Mesh website. As a result, Med Mesh isn’t on the list of locations to visit. You should only share an image or video of another person on the internet with their consent.

You may not publish anything that might get you in trouble with the law or the authorities, according to the rules of this Agreement, Med Mesh’s advertising policy, and Med Mesh’s privacy policy. Nevertheless, photographs and videos, as well as audio and other data, are widely available.

It is illegal to place viruses on a website or any other software that this Site employs.

Med Mesh has been granted a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use the media and any material included in the media for as long as you like. Med Mesh may also use the material, and you consent to this. You also agree to let Med Mesh utilize any material or information you submit. If you use the Med Mesh website or a social networking platform like Facebook, you must agree to these terms.

Med Mesh may be required to authorize any material supplied to them for inclusion on the Site. Med Mesh can do this at any moment, and there is no reason why they would.


Med Mesh, for example, offers several methods for gathering and storing data. You are the only one who has access to your account and password while using Med Mesh. If you believe your account or password has been compromised, please notify Med Mesh as soon as possible. Our Website’s “Contact Us” button is located at the bottom of each page. This is where you may contact us through email. These people are free to use the personal information they see fit. You agree to this when you create an account. You use Med Mesh’s products and services entirely at your own risk. Med Mesh accepts no responsibility for how individuals use or misuse its information.

Content tailored to the individuals who use it:

It is your responsibility to keep your communications private and consider the consequences of posting them in public places like blogs, our Physician Directory, or any social networking site you use. You are free to utilize any messages found in public locations or on any social media site in any manner you see fit. When individuals converse in public or on social media, they are not held accountable for what they say. Call the police if you are scared or believe someone else is at risk. If you have a medical emergency, contact your doctor or 911 immediately.

If you do not follow these guidelines:

  1. Breaking any of these levels of authority by doing anything illegal in any of these locations
  2. Someone who uploads material that breaches someone else’s intellectual property, privacy, or anonymity is breaching the law.
  3. On Med Mesh, you are not permitted to mention anything unlawful, obscene, defamatory, or detrimental to the reputation of another person or corporation. Med Mesh must make a decision.
  4. Placing advertisements or other forms of solicitation in public areas
  5. People who continue to publish unrelated comments on the topic will be removed from the discussion after being warned.
  6. Systems such as pyramids and chain letters should be employed.
  7. Pretending to be someone else; assuming a different persona.
  8. The propagation of malicious computer code, such as a virus.
  9. It is a poor idea to use someone else’s data, such as their email address, to write comments on or read their articles.
  10. Allowing someone else to write or read comments in your name and on your behalf.
  11. The act of repeatedly publishing the same message is known as “spamming.”
  12. Med Mesh does not want you to do anything else that makes it difficult or impossible for others to use or enjoy the Public Areas, Social Media Platforms, the Site, or any of its customers or suppliers. Thus it does not want you to do that.

It is critical to follow the Med Mesh Review Guidelines while posting a review for a doctor on the Physician Directory.

  1. Med Mesh, its affiliates, or licensors will never be sued or sued due to your use of the Site.
  2. You post Content on the Internet.
  3. You utilize or depend on the material of another user.
  4. You will be in big trouble if you do not follow these regulations.

Med Mesh is headquartered in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. It was designed in New York City. The business is located in the United States. If you reside outside of the United States, you cannot access Med Mesh Health Manager or any other Med Mesh Network site, including Med Mesh.com. Everyone who views the Content may not be able to access it. When you use the Med Mesh Network from a country other than the United States, you do so at your own risk and are solely responsible for adhering to local laws.

Even if this Agreement is not renewed or altered, liability, jurisdiction, and the terms of the Agreement will remain in effect.


If you disagree with Med Mesh or the Med Mesh Site, you agree and accept that the courts of Georgia will have the authority to decide on your matter. You may file a complaint against Med Mesh and its subsidiaries and affiliates here. You may also file a grievance against workers, contractors, or directors.

A deal’s terms and conditions may be incompatible with Georgia’s conflict regulations. Georgia’s internal substantive law does not contradict the state’s conflict regulations. These terms and conditions are effective as long as the whole Agreement is legal. A court will not be able to amend any of them. We don’t want anything in these terms and conditions to imply that we’ll let you off the hook in the future.