Wordle is back for another day.

The wildly popular puzzle game has undoubtedly lost some of its appeal since its height in February, but it’s still going fairly well, and I’m still here to guide you on your journey by writing this daily column.

Buckle up and let’s have a look since today’s Wordle is a little difficult than the prior few.

How Wordle Works

The game Wordle is easy to pick up and play.

When you correctly guess a word, the letters will appear in green boxes if they are in the proper place and in yellow boxes if they are not. The alphabet below has greyed-out incorrect letters. You can piece together the right response by making educated guesses and rearrange letters. Links are provided below to assist you with Wordling.

Today’s Wordle #390 Hint & Answer


Oh, I see, this is one of those words. There are just so many choices, particularly if you correctly anticipate the last “ER”—which I did with tamer—on your first try.

When I was done creating this Wordle, I made the decision not to even check in with Wordle Bot. I anticipate his response. Instead of continuing to throw letters at the solution, I should have made guesses for words without the letter “ER” at the end to eliminate out additional possibilities.

So be it. This was not my best Wordle effort because, as I’ll admit, I was rushing to finish it before heading to a little social gathering. However, I was able to solve it in the end using the word “liver,” which, if you’ve ever attended a social event, is a suitable choice.

Folks, it is Thursday. We’re getting close! I’m prepared as the weekend draws near.

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