Strongman Mark Felix

A well-known Grenadian-English strongman, Mark Felix has already built a name for himself in his 20-year career. “The Miracle” sounded more thrilled than ever before the 2022 World’s Strongest Man competition, which will take place May 24-29 in Sacramento, California, in an exclusive interview with M&F. Felix, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall, is one of the world’s strongest men and has participated in several strongman contests. He sat down with us to discuss his grip, how he prepares for contests, and why a person’s passion and ambition to win are unrelated to their age.

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Felix, a 37-year-old strongman, demonstrated that he could defeat guys his age. Felix recalls that he wants to be physically active to be healthy and powerful as a youngster. After finishing second and third in my first two bodybuilding contests, I chose to keep competing. Felix’s local gym owner in Accrington, Lancashire, noticed his height and strength and invited him to compete in his first strongman tournament. Felix recalls being instructed to fill in the spaces. In the end, I finished third. “That’s where it all began,” he said. Felix, 56, prepares for Sacramento and demonstrates that hard effort always triumphs over youth. The large man, who has competed in the World’s Strongest Man competition for the last 17 years, believes that you are never too old to try anything new.

‘MIRACLE’ MARK FELIX Has Altered Several Records Throughout The Years.

Felix has won over 100 strongman contests, including 22 international competitions. He has also earned three semi-final appearances in the World’s Strongest Man competition. Among other things, he holds records for the Hercules Hold and the Rolling Thunder lift. He has a bench press capacity of 530 pounds (240 kilograms), a squat capacity of 770 pounds (350 kilograms), and a deadlift capacity of 893 pounds (405 kilos).

Felix rose to prominence as a strongman after finishing third in England’s Strongest Man in 2004. He finished second in 2005. He lifted 301 pounds to win the inaugural Rolling Thunder World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2008. (136.3 kilos). “I knew I was going to get it straight away because I could just feel it,” Felix recalls his preparation. I could sense the enthusiasm and energy in the room and the sheer number of individuals there.

So I did it anyway, and all my preparation and practice paid off.” After a lifetime of hard effort and commitment to the sport he loved, Felix did earn the label “Miracle.” Weight plates are fastened to the “Rolling Thunder” via a difficult-to-grasp grip, making it difficult for the challenger to raise the weights with one hand. Felix set his world record at Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, Canada, in 2008, but four years later, in Birmingham, England, he smashed it by more than 20 pounds, weighing 323.5 pounds (146.7 kg). The feat is even more astounding, according to experts, since the Rolling Thunder grip was not utilized in contests until after his second world record. Felix thinks the new handle is much nicer. “I was overjoyed,” she remarked. Because he was injured, The Miracle could concentrate on technique and still smash the second record. I couldn’t do anything else since I had torn my calf, so I concentrated only on the Rolling Thunder event. “I suppose I simply performed a very big lift to protect my calf.”

Strongman Mark Felix


Felix claims to do many grip-squeezing activities, such as lifting and squeezing while wearing tight gloves. According to the Miracle, a firm grip also requires strength from the shoulders and back. Everyone knows that farmers walk and carry heavy objects as part of their everyday labor. You’ll utilize your back, legs, and everything else to ensure you’re doing it correctly. “It requires a lot of forearm work,” Felix emphasizes the importance of pushing up from the knees and keeping your arm straight when doing the Rolling Thunder hold. Felix says that lifting such huge weights requires the proper technique.

Felix wants to work out all of his muscles more as he draws closer to Sacramento. And if you want to go into strongman or improve your skills, The Miracle recommends finding a reputable coach to assist you. Many may volunteer to view your training films and give you their thoughts based on what they observe. “There were no ideas on how to train to be a strongman when I initially began, but that is no longer the case.” Getting it nowadays is simpler if you have folks to assist you. Now is the time to purchase tickets and VIP packages for the 2022 World Surfing Games, where you may see some of the world’s most athletic and fearless performances.

The Life of Mark FELIX, The Strongman

Felix works full-time as a construction worker, apart from the hordes of admirers. He claims that his profession, which requires a lot of repetitive action, caused him to tear his bicep in 2008. This occurred after years of lifting and repeating the same actions. Felix believes that he recovered so rapidly after surgery, within six months, because he followed his doctor’s advice and began light treatment. “It didn’t affect me anymore,” he adds. Felix isn’t one of those athletes who will eat anything, regardless of its bad. He works hard to prepare and clean up after his meals every day. Salads, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, chicken, fish, steak, and other dishes are his favorites. “I eat a lot of vegetables,” he adds. “I also drink protein smoothies as part of my diet.”

One of the legend’s supplements daily is glucosamine, which is related to joint health. Felix consumes around 7,500 calories per day, which he obtains from five to six meals. This is how much he consumes over the year. This open World’s Strongest Man competition will not be his first time doing anything similar. “My weight has simply stopped shifting,” Felix says. The “man-mountain” confesses to eating six or seven Weetabix every day for breakfast, which isn’t the most astounding information. He had some milk? He prefers whole milk over semi-skimmed milk since they have the same protein.

After an 8-hour shift, Felix heads directly to the gym, but he always gets at least 6–8 hours of sleep each night. “I can sleep comfortably after a long day of training and hard work,” says the world-famous strongman. He claims he hasn’t had any aches or pains in a long time and that this procedure has made him feel better than ever. One difference between Felix today and when he was younger is that he now includes more warm-ups in his exercises. “As you grow older, you need to warm up more than some of the young guys,” Felix quips. Because your body is slower than usual, you’ll have to be fast to participate in all activities. As a result, you must ensure that you are well warmed.”
Felix has no intention of retiring anytime soon. He’s preparing to face last year’s champion, Scotland’s Tom Stoltman, his brother Luke, Brian Shaw, and Robert Oberst, among many other gigantic greats. When asked whether he’s still going, he responds, “Yes.” It all comes down to what my body tells me. On the other hand, Felix’s body is urging him to keep going. “I’m in a terrific mood right now!” says Felix. “I’m excited about it.” There will be a fantastic show. “At the gym, things are going well,” I say. “I’m in a good mood because this is my seventeenth year competing in the World’s Strongest Man.”

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