Nier: A room has everyone playing Automata out of their minds. It’s not just any room, either—apparently just one person has ever been able to enter it. It’s even more confusing because it doesn’t seem like the player who found the chamber knows how to go in.

Given that the base game, a totemic action-RPG from PlatinumGames, is cryptic enough on its own way before you take into account the chaos of fan interaction, it makes some sense that Nier: Automata is still replete with secrets. Nier: Automata, which debuted in 2017, required you to complete it several times in order to access all of its possible endings. Eating fish allows you to observe one of those ends. Strange game!

A player can be seen visiting a room in the Copied City, a location in Nier: Automata characterised by its Bavarian architecture and lack of colour, in a video that modder and dataminer Lance McDonald shared on Twitter yesterday. Nobody else has figured out how they were able to make this hidden entrance appear, according to McDonald. More than two million people have watched the video on Twitter; here is the original:

Despite the fact that the secret is currently trending on social media, it has actually been ongoing for about two months thanks to a series of cryptic Reddit postings by user Sadfutago. (Kotaku asked Sadfutago for a remark; Sadfutago did not provide one.)

How do you open the church, hello? Two months ago, Sadfutago posted on the very specialised (190 members) r/NieRFanart subreddit. I’m new to Reddit and would like to know how to open the chapel in Nier’Automata.

A month later, Sadfutago re-posted the identical question, this time on the less specialised subreddit for Nier: Automata, which has 19,000 subscribers. Players were supportive but incredulous.

“Could you give me a more detailed description of the building you’re requesting? I don’t really remember there being a ‘church,'” one person wrote. In the cloned city, I don’t believe you can enter any buildings. Another person said, “We’re going to need some screenshots. When Sadfutago inquired whether Reddit had a photo button, he shared a link to a page on the well-known photo-sharing website Imgur that had two screenshots of Nier: A2 of Automata, the game’s semi-protagonist, is shown standing in a simply furnished chapel.

Nobody gave a reply.

The location of this church was then revealed by Sadfutago, who posted a video showing its location on the definitively not-niche (168,000 members) primary Nier series subreddit. The video was shot vertically on a cell phone and shows the back wall of the courtyard that serves as a chamber for the boss fight in Automata’s Copied City level. A2 walks into the room as the clip ends.

This time, many commented, although many of the most notable comments contested the legitimacy of the video. One individual “called BS.” Another person pointed out that the evidence presented so far was flimsy, asking why the video was recorded on a mobile phone rather than, say, game-capture software and how the two images were conveniently cropped from an obscured position.

Sadfutago posted a video clip over the weekend that answers all of those questions. A2 enters an antechamber, climbs a ladder that is many stories high, and then strolls through a drab hallway that leads to twin doors that resemble those in The Lord of the Rings; behind them is the church. This process takes A2 45 seconds.

Some doubters suggested that this might all be a highly complex mod, but McDonald noted on Twitter that Nier: Automata does not support this level of environmental editing. Additionally, a later clip features A2’s previously unseen dialogue—not the kind of thing modders could simply obtain. Of course, anything is possible, but the likelihood that this discovery was the product of a mod is vanishingly unlikely. Producer of Nier Yosuke Saito commented this morning on Twitter, writing, “Eternal mystery…”

Nearly two years have passed since players of Nier: Automata unlocked the “final” secret to the game. In January of last year, the modder and dataminer Lance McDonald discovered what was thought to be the “ultimate” cheat for the game, which essentially lets you skip ahead to the conclusion. Yoko Taro, the director of Nier: Automata and a well-known joker, hinted that it was the final thing players had yet to find out about the game by cryptically writing “three years and 10 months” on Twitter, a reference to how long it had been since Nier: Automata had been released at the time. The “ultimate secret” had been discovered, according to one of the official Automata Twitter accounts. McDonald’s discovery of the game’s last secret was largely acknowledged by the Nier fanbase.

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