Elon Musk Fake Accounts Twitter

Elon Musk has decided to put off his $44 billion offer for Twitter until he knows more about the fake and spam accounts on the site. Because of this, Twitter’s stock went down on Friday. Even though he later said he was still committed to the deal, he kept attacking fake accounts. On Twitter, he said that his team would do their investigation and that he disagreed with the numbers Twitter gave in its most recent financial report.

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This year’s financial report for Twitter’s first quarter includes both “fake or spam accounts” and “real monetizable daily active usage or users” (MDA). The company says that in the first quarter of 2022, less than 5% of mDAU came from fake or spam accounts.

Twitter admitted that it had lied about its many users for the past three years by 1.4 million to 1.9 million. Twitter said, “In March 2019, we released a tool that let users link multiple accounts together so they could easily switch between accounts.” Due to a mistake made when the primary account was used, all linked accounts were counted as more.

Experts In Social Media, Lying, And Statistical Analysis Think That Musk’s Idea To Do More Research Is Not Good.

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, said he would look into how many Twitter accounts were spam, fake, or duplicates. “To find out, we’ll pick 100 random people who follow @twitter as a sample.” Anyone else who wants to try this out and see what happens is welcome to do so and let us know what happens.” Later tweets explained his plan by saying, “Pick an account with many followers” and “Ignore the first 1000 followers and then pick every tenth.” Please let me know if you think of something better.”

It’s not clear if Musk chose 100 for his study because Twitter uses that number in their financial reports, but he hasn’t given any proof to back up his claim. “It does not matter how people are picked at random. If many people notice that there are about the same number of fake, spam, or duplicate accounts, this is vital. Twitter takes 100 samples to figure out how much fake/spam and duplicate content is on their site.

Elon Musk Fake Accounts Twitter

When Asked If His Explanation Of How Twitter Works Was Proper, Twitter Did Not Answer.

Dustin Moskovitz, who helped start Facebook, said on Twitter that Musk’s method is not random, has a small sample size, and lets big mistakes happen. “I also think that “does not trust the Twitter staff to help gather the sample” is a red flag.”

The founder and CEO of BotSentinel, Christopher Bouzy, says that 10 to 15% of Twitter accounts are “false.” Some of these accounts are spammers, fraudsters, bots who do bad things, “single-purpose hate accounts” that harass and target people, and accounts that spread false information.

BotSentinel: finds fake behavior on Twitter by putting together human reviewers and machine learning algorithms teams. The business is watching over 2.5 million English-language Twitter accounts.
Bouzy says that Twitter does not know how to differentiate between “fake and spam” accounts. He also says that the number of fake accounts might change depending on what is being talked about on Twitter. BotSentinel has found that more fake accounts tweet about politics, cryptocurrencies, climate change, and covid than they do about animals and origami, which are less controversial topics.

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