In a cringe-worthy interview with Nancy Dell’Olio on The One Show, Alex Jones questioned whether she occasionally indulged in takeout. In August, Nancy, a former WAG, will compete on MasterChef.

During Tuesday’s episode of The One Show, Jermaine Jenas criticised Alex Jones for her snarky interviewing techniques.

The mother-of-three interrogated Celebrity Masterchef participant Nancy Dell’Olio on her cooking abilities during the most recent episode of the BBC One programme and seemed to make fun of her abilities.

The Welsh host questioned: “Given that you have Italian ancestry, I predict that your cooking will be outstanding and resemble Nigella’s in certain ways. Am I correct?”

Nancy, 60, said, keeping her cards close to her breast, “Well, you’ll have to watch and see.”

Alex, a 45-year-old woman who was digging herself a hole, pressed: “Are you a good cook though Nancy, I assume you get a lot of takeout.”

She observed how her remark was received and said, “I mean, I don’t know but I’m imagining.”

The former WAG was perplexed by Alex’s point and responded: “Well, I guess it comes with imagination being Italian and from the south, but let’s say I spend a lot of time travelling between America and London, so let’s say it’s not the finest room in the home.

She said, “My cooking isn’t at the top of my list for me.”

Football analyst Jermaine called Alex out, saying, “Only you could get away with that you know.”

The audience started laughing as they watched the tense incident unfold.

He added, quoting the star’s query: “You must take a lot away, in my estimation. Regardless, nobody else is able to get away with that.”

Alex asserted in defence of herself, “We were all thinking it, and someone needed to speak it.”

Having no idea what was happening in the studio, Nancy, who was being interviewed via video link, enquired, “Did I say something wrong?”

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