Advertising Policy

The Med Mesh Network accepts third-party banners or badges, contextual advertising, and advertiser content as long as they are lawful (collectively referred to as “Advertisements” or “Advertising”). When you utilize this policy, it will refer to “advertising” and “advertisements.” This policy refers to “advertisements” and “advertisements ” when you utilize this policy.” The Advertiser is responsible for ensuring that their advertisements are honest and fair. Companies that create websites and applications for people and companies that create apps utilize these phrases in this policy. This is done so that Med Mesh Network may establish guidelines for promoting its services in various locations (each a “Med Mesh Property”).

This policy governs everything that occurs with Med Mesh, from how advertisements are shown on the Med Mesh Network to how they are deleted. The same is true for all Med Mesh Network advertising policies: Med Mesh Network has the right to interpret and enforce them in a manner that makes sense to the firm. In addition, Med Mesh is in charge of the Med Mesh Property’s rules when they change.

  1. Because Current Affair does not accept advertisements, stating that it is endorsing a product or service does not imply it accepts them.
  2. Any Med Mesh advertisements that are not accurate or tasteful will be removed.
  3. Some advertisements will be unable to run concurrently on the Med Mesh Network. These are the subcategories:
  1. Only Affair may say what is “acceptable,” “objectionable,” and “ineffective.”
  2. The use of any deceit or dishonesty.
  3. It includes anything that makes fun of someone because of their age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, or any other factor that the Med Mesh Network believes is harmful or unsuitable for people to consider.
  4. alcohol
  5. There are no shortages of firearms, ammo, or pyrotechnics.
  6. gambling
  7. There has been a lot of discussion about pornography.
  8. Everything about smoking
  9. Breaking news is presented dramatically.
  10. Advertisers who attempt to target children
  11. “M”-rated films and other media
  12. misleading or overstated product or service claims
  13. Strobe or flash images and messages in the media.
  14. These “miracle weight loss” or other exaggerated therapies are often discussed in the media or by text messages.
  15. Advertisements trick people into thinking they are computer processes to persuade them to click on them more often.
  1. Advertising and journalistic content from Med Mesh are not the same thing; hence they are not the same. Advertisements for the Med Mesh Network will be easy to find. Advertising, “From Our Advertiser,” or “Information from the Industry,” cannot be used to convey the impression that advertising is being provided by or on behalf of an advertiser. Therefore, these phrases are not permitted to be used on the Med Mesh Network.
  2. It is only possible to get to advertiser sites or Med Mesh property sponsored content if you click on an ad on the site.
  3. Current Affair is the only firm on Med Mesh Properties that controls what you see when you search for a certain phrase or topic. For example, when you search the term “Med Mesh News,” you will get many Med Mesh News, Journal Articles, and Other Articles. Google search results with advertisements are visible. In addition, certain Current Affair Consumer Properties include a search results page that displays advertisements.
  4. Please visit the “Ads by Google” page to learn more about this. “Ads by Google” are sponsored adverts that appear alongside search results when a certain term or phrase is entered.
  5. Med Mesh, an advertising network, might allow or prevent it.
  6. We cannot guarantee that advertising on any platform, including websites and mobile applications, will be error-free.
  7. The FDA’s DTP and DTC advertising rules are also an advertiser’s duty in the Med Mesh Network. Not according to these laws and guidelines. Current Affairs will not discuss them. Instead, advertisements are scrutinized to ensure that they adhere to Affairs regulations and laws. Advertisements for Med Mesh may be deleted from the Med Mesh Network if Affair believes the Advertiser has violated or is likely to violate any legislation.
  8. Advertisers on the Med Mesh Network are not permitted to utilize pixels, tags, or flash containers in their advertisements (any such pixel or tag is a “Pixel”). Med Mesh browser users are likewise shielded from advertisements that employ beacons, cookies, or other tracking technology. If Current Affair explicitly permits, it can only use a Pixel to get personally identifiable information (PII) about Current Affair customers. The Pixel will be unable to do so unless Current Affair specifically grants the Pixel permission to gather this information. If the user’s browser is configured in this manner, they may prevent or erase cookies that have been placed by their browser. A significant portion of the Advertiser’s current PII will not be connected to the Advertiser’s new data. The data on the Med Mesh website will not be altered or added to the list of advertisers.